Stuff It! (In the Nicest Possible Sense)

Hubby is up at his mom’s house for another round of repairs. While he’s doing that, I’m writing, being creative, and indulging my inner child with her favorite recipes that Hubby doesn’t like. 

Last night I made stuffed peppers. I cooked a package of turkey, some going for Oakley’s dindin and the rest for my stuffed peppers. I mixed it with rice, onion, and tomato paste with some water to partially cook the rice. I sliced off the tops of the red bell peppers, scooped out the seeds and ribs, then filled them with the turkey-rice mixture. The tops went back on, and into the oven at 300 (325 if you’re using a metal or ceramic pan) for an hour and a half. 

Yummmmm…..the perfect counterpoint to a cool rainy evening. 

I have left over stuffing and an eggplant. That will be next. 

If you wanted to do a vegetarian version, try cooked lentils in place of the turkey. You’ll need some fairly assertive seasonings since lentils run a little on the bland side. Or a good veg chili. Adjust the cooking time so the rice and pepper or eggplant is pleasantly done. 

The stuffed peppers of my childhood were green. No complaints; i love peppers in any color. If you wanted to get a little more kick, I don’t see why poblano chiles wouldn’t work. 

Leftover stuffing could be cooked as one would a pilaf, perhaps with a handful of spinach thrown in. Or you could stuff cabbage leaves. The possibilities abound. 




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