The Hummus Purist

Hummus is not that mysterious. It’s chickpeas, lemon, garlic, and tahini (sesame paste) whirled together until they form a smooth spread or dip. 15-oz. can partially drained chickpeas; juice of 1/2 lemon (may add more); enough garlic which around here is three or four cloves; and about a quarter-cup of tahini. Traditionally, a drizzle of olive oil tops it. Pita triangles for scooping go on the side as do black olives and onion petals.

Occasionally, I’ll get a tub of the red roasted pepper flavor hummus from the store. It’s a bit clandestine, since Hubby thinks it’s a crime against nature for it to have anything but the simplest ingredients in it. He hates red peppers anyway, but that’s for another day. I get that and some gluten-free crackers and I am a happy WolfMama.

Some of the flavors raise my eyebrows as well. Black olive intrigues me. Sun dried tomato, maybe. But pesto is incomprehensible.

Some of the ingredients in the storebought brands are suspect as well. One brand I tried had high fruticose corn syrup in it for body. Very unpleasant surprise. 

I love it on toast with tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and cucumber. Or in a wrap. 

Just don’t forget the black olives and breath mints.



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