What’s Bringing You Joy Today?

Some years ago, I was in a journal group with about seven other women. One’s standard greeting involved a hug and the inquiry “What’s bringing you joy today?”

I’m choosing to focus on that. Struggling at times, but choosing to focus on joy, schlocky as it may sound.

Last night, a Facebook PM brought bad news about M, a classmate I’ve not been in touch with since graduation. Yet another cancer diagnosis, which grows very old, indeed. Today, Hubby is in a heated conversation with a coworker. I have Folk Alley cranked pretty high, and he’s still getting through. 

Still, there is joy in here. I’m working on staying in the moment, and having success today. Oakley is assisting me as I write this post. I just had a cup of lemongrass-coconut-vanilla green tea. Lunch will be delicious, I’m sure. We had a good walk this morning. It’s still early, so more joy is on the way.

I wish and hope the same for M. I have no way of getting in touch with her, and not being able to send cookies or drop off a casserole frustrates me to no end.  Her life turned out very differently from mine, leading her to an isolated community in the Colorado high country with her husband and seven children. She became involved with a religion that I frankly do not get while we were in college. I hope that she’s finding comfort and meaning in her faith and support from her church as this journey unfolds. 

Most of all, I wish her joy. 


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