Vinegar, Salt, Lemons, Baking Soda

Uh, no. Not a recipe that went bad. Just some simple household staples that can clean inexpensively and effectively without messing up the environment or having to forfeit one’s firstborn child.

I’ve used all of them at one time or another. Especially the baking soda. I have a kitchen sink made out of a substance called Swanstone. I have no idea what goes into it. It just looked more attractive to me than the clinical stainless steel ones during the process of building this house. I scrub it with baking soda as needed and it still looks pretty decent after fifteen years. I’ve used salt, too, with good luck. Be warned that it’s more abrasive, though, and may be a bit too abrasive for some surfaces. 

Lemons, not so much personally. I’ve heard they can bleach out some stains, especially when combined with sunlight. 

Vinegar I’ve had luck with, especially with the microwave. Place a bowl that can withstand a 10-minute trip on the high setting in the microwave, and fill about halfway with plain ol’ white vinegar. Close the door and start the vent. Now, hit the start button and let it go. Leave the door closed for about an hour, both to let the fumes do the work of knocking the crud off and to let them dissipate. All you should have to do then is wipe the over out. I plan on trying a cleaner formula that involves steeping citrus peels in vinegar for several days. The theory is that the citrus oils boost the solvency of the vinegar while smelling great. Sounds good to me. 

One thing: these lovely simple household staples might benefit from a couple of drops of tea tree and/or lavender oil to boost the antimicrobial factor. 

And no planets or animals will be harmed in the process, either.


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