Bringing Out the Low-Glycemic/Gluten Free Heavy Artillery

This morning’s walk was one of the most gawd-awful ones taken in my dog ownership career. Oakley and I went to the forest preserve located on the major east-west road by the house. Not such a good idea when one wonders if the neighbors’ cows will fly through the yard. 

In advance of an approaching system, the wind had kicked up to an alleged 22 miles per hour with gusts up to 35. More like sustained 35 and gusts of Katrina level. The road runs through several open fields, and snow had blown over it, made it look and feel like a blizzard. Still, I thought, we both need to walk, so off we went.

I didn’t know which circle of hell awaited us until we arrived in the parking lot. The trail was half-snowed in, and tricky to walk on in cross trainers, especially when Oakley kept trying to protect me from the wind by sitting and planting himself or cutting in front of me to stop us from walking into it. For a few moments, I wondered how I’d ended up on the beach near campus in Marquette, Michigan. The 50 mph headwinds that blast from Canada and gather steam over Lake Superior feel very much like the ones that numbed me into survival mode today, the ones that I deliberately ran into screaming my head off when the stress of school weighed me down and I wanted to shut down my mind for a few moments for the sake of clarity. 

After reassuring Oaks that I had it and that I knew what we were doing, sort of, in a gooey tone, my survival instincts took us back to the car and picked our way home with out incident. Hubby was on a break, and made me tea to help me thaw out. The smokiness of lapsang souchong makes everything seem warmer. I made soup for him after my brain’s higher functions melted.

This weather calls for some serious comfort food. I went shopping yesterday, so save for a couple of incidentals, we are set for this round of growth experiences. I found a recipe for shepherd’s pie with cauliflower standing in for the potatoes. That will be for dinner tonight. 

This is a good time to experiment with low glycemic variations on dishes that ward off the cold. I’ve seen ones that use sweet potato as a substitute for higher glycemic ingredients (sweet potato lasagne fascinates and repels me simultaneously), but the ones  starring cauliflower resonate with me in a more positive way. Likely because of the color and texture, and they lack the note of desperation sung by sweet potatoes in savory applications. They go well with Indian and Thai curries as a stand in for rice, but I can’t imagine it as a substitute for pasta. 

Pasta or no, we need comfort on days like this. So alternative comforts, combined with good music and something on Netflix tonight we shall have.



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