Operation Grief Bacon Be Gone Begins

Not too long ago, a link to an article about expressions in languages other than English with no direct translation popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. The closest translation to one of the German ones: grief bacon, the term used for weight gain related to stress or sorrow. 

In the last few years, I’ve accumulated quite a bit around my hips and belly along with a muffin top. The death of a beloved companion/fur-bearing child and the unnecessarily protracted illness and drawn-out passage of a family member plus menopause will do that to a woman. I’ve tried a few other times to release it, but for whatever reason, it didn’t leave. I had problems staying on any kind of food plan except the one that I know works best for me: eating low-glycemic/somewhat higher protein.

No, this is not like the Atkins or Paleo food plans. Well, a little in that the emphasis is on non-starchy veggies, fruits that are high in fiber and lower in sugar such as berries, nuts and peanuts, fish, meat and poultry, healthy fats such as real butter and avocados,  and other items that register five net carbs or less.  In other words, put the white carbs down and back away from the table.

I reread parts of The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup, MD. That’s what she told patients going through the menopausal metamorphosis to do. She also recommends not eating anything per snack or meal more than you can hold in your two cupped hands.  Yes, it’s doable. Yes, I can have chocolate here and there. Yes, I can rendezvous with objects of desire such as potatoes and pasta once or twice a week.

Just not every day, and in moderation.




6 thoughts on “Operation Grief Bacon Be Gone Begins

  1. This all sounds do-able. But don’t neglect the calcium-rich foods and Vitamin D fish oils – I spent my menopause avoiding everything dairy, with the result that in my seventies my bones are so fragile from osteoporosis that they fracture spontaneously. I am also forbidden to eat chocolate!

  2. Very similar to my meal plan. In addition I drink a glass of warm water every morning to which I’ve added the juice from half a lemon. And I switched from wine (sob!) to green tea (which I’ve learned to love). Somehow the tea takes away the craving for more! And the lemon helps keep my weight stable instead of yoyoing up and down – all good!

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