The Same Old New Thing

In 2014, I resolve to become one with the sofa, eat all the white carbs I can wrap my jaws around, and sit on my hands regarding the environment and social issues. When I try the opposite, my not insubstantial rebellious streak leads me into doing the above. So we’ll see what happens if I resolve to do the opposite.

Seriously, I prefer “intentions” to “resolutions.” Less militaristic. I do intend to restart my yoga practice and shed the “grief-bacon (closest translation to stress weight in German)” caused by the passages of Orion and my mother-in-law. I do intend to find what works nutritionally for my body as it is at this time of my life. I never had much of a metabolism to begin with, and now that I’m at the Certain Age mark, we’ll have to se what works. It’s not about getting into a bikini; it’s about staving off heart disease and diabetes at this stage of the game.

It’s tough to make adjustments during the winter. This week, we’ve been plagued by snow exacerbated by proximity to Lake Michigan, which spins any weather front into a comma-shaped burst of wind and sharp-pointed ground blizzards. We’ve had to juggle around it, work with it, dance with it. 

The other challenge is keeping Oakley moving. The wind chills warrant an extra day of day care; otherwise, lots of nosework and rally obedience homework are in order. 

So we make the best choices that we can based on what we have available. I think we’re going to choose a nap this afternoon.





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