Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

Today’s forecast: white and crunchy with a chance of sliding cars. It’s Sunday, and Oakley and I are a-hunkering until the road gets plowed and salted. We had rain yesterday, followed by freezing rain, and then sometime in the wee hours, we received enough snow to touch up the tired grey heaps left from last week’s storm.

No matter. I have plenty of everything–tea, almond milk, and food of substance for Oakley. We wisely invested in a freezer a couple of years ago, so there’s no sweating bullets about getting to the store in adverse weather. 

The big issue is keeping Oakley active enough to avoid playtime at 4 AM. We’ll do nosework; we’ll practice out rally obedience skills. Some runs in the yard are in order for hygienic purposes, but other wise, our needs are met, and for that we are truly grateful.



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