Not THAT kind. What do you think this is, Penthouse Forum? No, the confessions are related to food, dear.

Bless me, Gentle Readers, for occasionally your WolfMama eats frozen meals and canned soup. Not just any, mind you. They have to pass some pretty strict tests. Minimal ingredients, preferably organic, and nothing in them that sounds like it came from a chemical lab instead of a kitchen.  Amy’s Organics (no, I’m not getting paid for this) is my favorite brand. They fit my criteria. Archer Farms, one of the house brands at Target, has some pretty good pizza that comes from Italy with high quality ingredients.

I have a Costco membership. It can be good for a two-person-one-dog household. They frequently have good deals on canned organic foods and alternative milks. And cheese from Europe. And books. Must…have…books……

My favorite chocolate is Ghiradelli. Not just because of the flavor, but because each square has ridged edges, making it possible to enjoy a schmeer of almond butter or peanut butter on them. Sometimes I wonder what my excuse will be for this sort of behavior after I get on the other side of menopause.

Proponent of locally grown food that I am, I have never been able to find bananas or citrus grown in the midwest. I don’t get it. Or tea or coffee.    

I prefer storefront ethnic restaurants. Pointing and crossing fingers while hoping for the best usually works. 

Another confession of PMS-related foods: the peanut butter-potato chip sandwich. Not to be done often, just when you need the carby blast to kickstart your serotonin production. Works best without jam or jelly. Not bad with bananas.

So…what are your food-related confessions?






4 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I, too, indulge in the peanut butter-potato chip sandwich, sometimes with jam, sometimes without. It has been pointed out that I cannot blame this on PMS. Therefore, I must rely on the whole recapturing-my-youth trope. I haven’t tried peanut butter on Ghiradelli chocolates, but perhaps I should. Basically, I believe there are very few things that cannot be improved by the addition of peanut butter.

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