The Truth About Mood Food

It’s much more fun to have a fat mom. Instead of taking you for a run after a bad day, she says, “Here, honey; let’s have some pudding and Oreos and ice cream and we’ll talk when we come out of the sugar coma.” Roseanne Barr

It’s shaping up to be a day like that here at WolfMama’s Kitchen. Except that the Ms. Barr’s suggestions don’t sit right with my digestive tract these days. 

There is nothing wrong with comfort eating if you are doing it with deliberate intention to make yourself feel better or compensate for a jour du merde. We know that chocolate and well-selected brands of potato chips can raise bliss inducing brain chemicals to optimal levels in a short period of time. It is OK to have the occasional extra scoop of ice cream or a pile of fries done with the deliberate intention of providing comfort and pleasure. 

If it crosses the line into mindlessly stuffing food into your piehole and you’re not tasting it anymore, or feeling like you must…eat…last…three…brownies….that is a problem. 

Choose your indulgences wisely. If it starts happening too often, please look at what you’re eating, when, and why, then talk to a trusted friend who doesn’t judge or a helping professional.



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