Laying in of Provisions

Oakley is at day care today. With him safely in the company of his friends and teachers, I’m able to run errands without guilt. Even though he doesn’t mind hanging out in his crate, I don’t like leaving him in there any longer than necessary, and I still feel a little twinge of guilt when I leave, stuffed Kong or no. 

Depending on other engagements and errands, I have two routes that I follow to get to my four preferred stores. Ok, there are five. Meijer’s is a Michigan-based chain that’s on the way to Oakley’s day care center. It has pretty good food and other retail merchandise including clothes, rather like Wally World, but as far as I can tell, they treat their employees better.

I did the two southernmost stores today. First I went to Caputo’s, a local family-owned chain with incredible if non-organic produce displayed as it would be in Italian markets, imported foods from all over Asia and Europe, and a fantastic bakery. I bought nuts, canned diced tomatoes, and some ingredients for ratatoullie. They also have bagged nonperishables for donation to a local anti-hunger organization. At $10 each, they aren’t that much. When I swing by in the late afternoons, the cart where the go to await transport to the food pantry is pretty full, thankfully.

My next stop: nirvana. Well, close to it. I went to Whole Foods. Great Mystery have mercy,  I love shopping there, high prices and all. I just don’t buy the stuff I consider priced out of line. I picked up organic avocados, almond milk, and ground turkey and grassfed burger. I enjoyed a cup of tea from the cafe, and indulged in a few splurges, like flowers and some multi-seed crackers. And hung out in the health and beauty section, enjoying the scents of the soap and lotions.

On days when I am pulled northward, I stop at Trader Joe’s and Woodman’s. At TJ’s I usually get fish, frozen chicken breast, nut butters, frozen fruit, and ground turkey. (No, I am not kinky for ground turkey. Oakley does best on it, and since I make his food myself, I want to be sure that it’s not filled with those ubiquitous “natural” seasonings.) I also get goat cheese from them.

Woodman’s is an employee-owned chain based in WIsconsin. They have fantastic prices on organic produce and nonperishable items. I usually get produce, cheese (mostly goat these days), and canned stuff that Hubby likes.

Yes, it does take time and gas. But if it keeps me from shopping at Wally World, it it a wise investment, indeed.    



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