Suffering and Blueberry Muffins Do Not Exist in the Same Space

Been spending a lot of time perusing the gluten/grain-free sites. So far, I’ve made some incredibly luscious blueberry muffins with coconut flour and an almond/coconut flour chai-spiced sweet potato bread. No complaints. Both were as good as their wheat counterparts.

The biggest problem I’ve had is remembering that while my body does prefer grain and dairy free, I still have to mind calories. Since last fall, I’ve gone down two pants sizes and hope to lose two more. If I’m eating lemon bars with an almond crust followed by cookies topped with coconut milk ice cream, it ain’t gonna happen.

The non-grain flours do behave differently. Coconut flour absorbs moisture at an unbelievable rate, so you only need about 1/4-1/3 of a cup to a cup of wheat flour. Almond flour can be substituted at a 1:just under 1 ratio for wheat flour. 

Many of these flours are lower on the glycemic scale as well–the odds of them contributing to blood sugar spikes is a lot lower. 

Next up: finding a tortilla substitute. I think I’ll try socca, a flatbread from southern France made with chickpea flour. I found a recipe for a pizza that uses it as the base….


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