The Walk for a Cleaner Environment

On Saturday, the March Against Monsanto will take place. Events protesting their attempts to poison the food supply will be staged at locations throughout the US. 

It’s good, and it’s needed to show that we will not allow ourselves, our descendants, and our companions to be experimental subjects. However, we need to demonstrate what we are for as well. 

Mother Teresa was once asked if she’d join a demonstration against war. She declined, but said, “I’ll be there if it’s a demonstration for peace.” What if we who may not be able to get to an event for one reason or another supported our comrades by staging a walk for a cleaner environment, a healthy food supply for humans and their companions, and a safer world for all?

This is what I’ll be doing: I will walk into a store and buy at least one organic or nontoxic item. If I see a manager, I will walk up to him or her and thank them for carrying said item. I will walk into the local organic garden center and get some plants. 

That’s all you have to do. Hope you can join me, and keep our friends on the front lines in your spiritual practices on Saturday.

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