Tea for One

Tea? Yes, please; preferably British or Irish with a splash of milk. No, no sweetener. Just the richness and depth of the good black gold that is a properly brewed cup.

I had to stop drinking coffee earlier this year. Oh, I love the stuff, but can’t tolerate it well anymore. Not the caffeine, but the other compounds caused by the roasting process are what gets to me.

But tea? Oh, yes, please. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy china cup. I brew it and drink it in my red mug. Steeped for a good five minutes, workingman’s strength is what it’s called in the UK.

I don’t really need anything to go with it. I wouldn’t say “no” to a good cookie or a scone, but those are optional. The milk isn’t.

Green tea doesn’t do very much for me. It’s ok, brewed strong, no dairy. Herb teas I don’t really like.

Just black, splash of milk, in a red mug. 


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