Food and the Solo Female

ImageI’m flying solo at the moment. Hubby is out of town, getting his mom’s house ready to go on the market. 

Well, not 100% solo. Oakley is at my side, ready to pat killer rabbits into submission. His meals are uncomplicated: some meat, sweet potato, a dollop of goat-gurt, perhaps a few biskies. He’s using my right arm as a pillow; please forgive any errors.

My meals run on the simple side, usually. I do grab a little takeout here and there, and have some prepared meals on hand. Or salad. I love salads, preferable the kind where you think, “Yum, yum! I’m being healthy and eating a salad!” even though you’re consuming as many calories as a burger.  I make dishes like French toast or chicken with lemon and green olives, ones that Hubby doesn’t care for much. He’ll eat them under protest.

But no protest is to be heard at the moment.   

When Oakley wakes up, I’ll make a salad with chicken and other yummy stuff for lunch. Nuts will add a little crunch. Not sure which dressing. But yummy it will be.


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