Really? Obama Signs Away the Environment to Monsanto

President Obama signed an appropriations bill earlier this week. You know, the one that included legislation to let Monsanto rape, pillage, and plunder the earth?

Some people are defending it by pointing out that it was attached to some truly useful things such as funding for the VAWA. Others are saying that the Democrats didn’t know the Monsanto bit was in there. I am not buying it. 

I’m p.o’d at so many levels: the blatant disregard for environmental safety; ignoring the will and desires of the people; and yes, idealist that I am, I do feel betrayed that representatives who I’d considered “good guys” in the past supported this and accepted campaign funds from the makers of poisons. 

I couldn’t write about this yesterday. Within five minutes of checking my news on FB, I received word of the death of a friend’s wife after an eight year battle with cancer. Then, not long afterwards, this came down the wire. I physically shook and couldn’t think straight the better part of the day.

The battle isn’t over yet. Do something. Plant your own non-GMO garden. Call and demand an executive order to override this part of the bill. Just do something.



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