The Homecoming Feast: Hubby Tested, Doggy Approved

Hubby is on his way home from Michigan. Hopefully, he can negotiate the stretch of highway that skirts the southern tip of Lake Michigan without incident. Today we are on alert for yet another a late season storm that’s sprawling its way east just south of 1-80.

While I’m sure some cooks toy with the idea of groundhog recipes, I’m doing something a little more conventional and elegant. I picked up a turkey breast at Trader Joe’s the other day. We haven’t had it in a while. It will be seasoned with orange and basil tucked beneath the skin as well as a little salt and pepper, then roasted. Potatoes are a must, and there will be a green veg or salad. I’m thinking green beans amandine. We have brownies or strawberries for dessert. 

We’ll be able to make soup or sandwiches with it, and Oakley can have some, too.

So what are you having tonight?


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