The Monday Rant: Dear President and Ms. Obama…About the Inauguration Luncheon Menu….

With all due respect, I don’t think that this really represents agricultural diversity except in a very predictable way. We know seafood and apple pie are about as northeast as you can get. We know about bison being a First Nations delicacy.  The veggies for the main course represent the best of the season and the recipes given sound delicious. However, I don’t feel that it truly represents today’s US, especially when as one of the HuffPo commenters observed, the per-plate cost equals a week’s worth of groceries for the majority of families. Keeping those issues in mind, may I make a few suggestions that will highlight diversity and keep an eye on the budget while blowing the guests’ socks off?


  1. If you really must on the seafood, a raw bar with a mix of Northwest and Northeast clams, oysters, and mussels. Or a seafood cocktail, perhaps with some Asian influences.
  2. Soup: Corn and roasted southwestern veggie soup with poblano chiles and a blue corn muffin (savory) or fry bread. Puree some of the corn to give it a creamy texture.
  3. Actually, I would keep the bison, but braise it in the oven and do a reduction sauce with herbs, mushrooms, and a sturdy red wine. I’d go with Yukon gold or a red potato or a medley rather than the sweets in that case. The strawberry preserves might be nice with the bread, but get some California olive oil and Wisconsin butter in there, too. You could use grassfed beef as well–less expensive ($7 and change per cut as opposed to $10 and change for bison), but similar in taste and texture. Turkey breast could be used as an alternative.
  4. Cheeses from small producers in Wisconsin and California.
  5. And finally, a blackberry and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.      

So…those are my thoughts. Thank you for your time.

In hopes that all may be fed,

Wolf Mama Fran

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